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Steel Straps
Medium Carbon Grade High Tensile Steel Strapping
This grade of strapping is cold rolled medium carbon & high manganese steel strappings which are heat treated with a special process to achieve a combination of fine surface & controlled physical properties with high strength & excellent shock resistance.

Low Carbon Grade High Tensile Steel Strapping
A cold rolled low carbon, Steel Strapping that is treated with special process that combines the fine surface and controlled physical properties.
Pet Straps
Impact Resistance
Polyester absorbs high impacts far better than steel thus retaining the load more effectively. Polyester has the ability to stretch just slightly, to absorb shock loads and recover. This is not possible with steel strap.

High retained tension
Due to Polyester’s greater elasticity, it effectively compensates for possible losses of tension due to settling .

Safety & disposal
A major advantage of polyester strap over steel is that it has no sharp edges and won’t cut hands. When cut, it does not spring back as violently as steel. Disposal of Polyester strap is safer & easier than steel.

Weather resistance
Polyester strap is virtually unaffected by weather and environment. Polyester does not rust and is resistant to ultraviolet rays. It also performs very well in temperatures up to 60-70 degrees C.

Polyester strap coils weigh only 22kg and are easily loaded into dispenser. Also, each coil contains 3-4 times as many meters compared to a coil of rope wound steel strap, reducing the frequency of coil changes.
Polypropylene Straps
Thanks to its low cost and ease of use, polypropylene (PP) strapping in an ideal packaging solution for the most varied sectors in industry and craft. If need be, the product can reach high levels break strength, thus always guaranteeing the utmost reliability. Our clientele can personalise the strapping with a print quality, thus allowing the company trademark to be appreciated. Polypropylene strapping, 100% recyclable, is also extremely easy to dispose of.
Polyolefin Shrink Films
Shrink film is available in various widths. POF shrink film is available in rolls with center fold. Various roll widths are available. Following are the length as per the thickness.

0.015 mm ( 15 microns) - Roll length 1332 mtrs
0.012 mm ( 12 microns) - Roll length 1665 mtrs
0.019 mm ( 19 microns) - Roll length 1067 mtrs
0.021 mm ( 21 microns) - Roll length 893 mtrs
Stretch Films
Features and specifications:
  • Lightweight, strong tenacity, excellent puncture resistance
  • Transparent
  • Good self-adhesion
  • Made of recycled materials and is reusable
  • Widely used in pallet-packing of bulk goods during transportation or warehouse storage
BOPP Tapes
We offer BOPP from ISO 9000 certified manufacturures, with a wide range of film variations. We have the perfect film to meet your requirements, whatever your application might be. © 2007